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A tenant point a gun in his landlord's face.

A tenant point a gun in his landlord's face.

A tenant who was often failed to pay his rent created a shockwave in the Saguenay region at the end of July when he pointed a gun in his landlord's face.
It all started at about 10:41 AM when the landlord of a two storey building located at 751, chemin de la Réserve, in the Borough of Chicoutimi, visited his tenant to collect the rent.

«The tenant owed the landlord two months' rent and was supposed to move out anyway», explained Lieutenant Denis Harvey, of Saguenay Public Security.

Rather than receiving the rent, the landlord was confronted by the tenant who pointed a gun in his face and said that he would «shoot him».

The landlord quickly left the premises and called the police who arrived dressed in bullet-proof vests and quickly sealed off the area with a safety barricade. Faced with the prospect of a police stand-off, the tenant (who as it turned out was armed with a pellet-gun) and who was already the subject of an existing arrest warrant, immediately surrendered to police. 

Twenty minutes later, around 11:00AM, the 52 year-old individual was in handcuffs and on his way to the local detention centre. His is scheduled to appear Monday at the Chicoutimi courthouse to answer to charges of uttering death threats, negligent use of a firearm, and pointing a firearm with dangerous intent.

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