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An aid program exists for a secondary dwelling or for a garden pavilion

An aid program exists for a secondary dwelling or for a garden pavilion

There is now financial aid for the creation of secondary dwellings or garden pavilions intended for elderly people and handicapped adults with modest incomes, so that these people can stay in their natural habitat, i.e. fully autonomous and in proximity of their family and friends.

This financial aid is possible thanks to the Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program - RRAP for Persons with Disabilities - of the CMHC.

The secondary dwelling, commonly called the autonomous dwelling of the parents, designates a distinctly autonomous dwelling integrated inside an existing home, or also, an addition to a home. Principal characteristics are: a completely furnished kitchen and bathroom, with a separate entry.

When one talks about a garden pavilion, it is about a distinct habitation not connected to the principal residence but built on the same grounds. Such kind of habitation was surnamed, in former days, an intergenerational dwelling because it had been built to house an elderly parent of the owner-occupant. Like the secondary dwelling the garden pavilion is an autonomous habitation.

To know the conditions of admission or the maximum amount lent, one should visit the Website of the CMHC at: or call 1-800-668-2642.

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