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Calculation for rent increase

Calculation for rent increase 2023

This tool is more comprehensive than the Tribunal administratif du logement form because you can save your 2023 increase calculations and your lease modification notices on your computer. So calculate your rent increases now!

Calculation for Rent Increase, Notice Mailing dates and Rent Increase Notice generator

Use of this file implies full and complete acceptance of the following conditions:

  • This form is made avaialble to landlords and tenats in order to facilitate negociations regarding a rent increase. The amounts indicated by the landlord have not been the subject of any verification by the Québec Landlords Association and bind the landlord only.
  • The Québec Landlords Association declines any and all liability arising from any agreement between the parties resulting from the information used or sent through this form. The user should consult a legal expert regarding the time delays for sending the Rent Increase Notice and to confirm the correctness of the calculations. The user releases the Québec Landlords Association (APQ) from any and all liability relating to the use of this file and the data generated by it.
  • The form should be used with Microsoft Excel 2003 or higher

Good calculation and do not hesitate to contact us for any questions!

To download the 2023 rate file, you must complete the form below and click "SUBMIT".


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Discover all the features of this application including the Bottin APQ, newspapers, Calculo APQ to calculate your rent increases, ...

Download now the new application APQ Mobile for phones and tablets (Android, iOS(Apple) and Windows 10 Mobile) as well as for computers (Windows 10) that allows you to easily perform calculations of rent increase and sending dates. After the calculation, you will receive by e-mail automatically generated documents to keep your calculations and print your notices completed with your choice of increase.

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