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Digital Lease APQ

The world is now digital!

Electronic lease APQ : The essential tool during this rental period!

The APQ helps you move to electronic leases : easier for everyone, avoiding mistakes and making life easier for landlords and tenants.

This is the case of signing a lease with the APQ electronic lease.
An exclusive service offered by the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ).

Really better than the "paper" lease! The APQ lease helps you : if you forgot a field, the application will notify you of an oversight.
Also you can choose to add the APQ building regulations.

Here are the 7 steps to create your electronic lease :

1. Install the APQ App.

Download now the application APQ (if you don't already have it) for phones and tablets (Android, iOS(Apple) and Windows 10 Mobile).

2. Click lease.

On the home page of the Application APQ, , select the square "Bail numérique".

3. Fill out the form:

Complete the form, from page 2 to page 11. You can navigate from one page to another by clicking on the numbered bubbles at the top of the form or by clicking on the "Previous" and "Next" buttons.

4 - Information validation:

4.1. Click on 'Validate'. A PDF document is created and opened. You must validate the information there.
4.2. If you find an error, you can edit the information in the mobile application.
4.3. Once the information has been modified, you can click on 'Validate' again and a new PDF document will be generated.

5  - Submit the lease:

To submit the lease, click on 'Submit'.
You will no longer be able to go back and there will be no further modifications possible.

6  Signatures:

All parties will receive the lease at their email address on the form (landlord (s) and tenant (s)) in order to complete it (signatures, initials, acceptance of terms). The mobile application will generate an information sheet that will allow you to see if the signatures have been completed, and by whom.

7- END

Once all parties, tenant (s) and landlord (s), have signed their respective copy of the lease, the 'final' lease will be emailed to you. You can also view it in the mobile application, via the relevant lease form which will appear in the application's home menu.

Ready to start a new lease?

Go to application APQ  in the "Bail numérique" icon.

J’ai réussi à finaliser le bail numérique avec Windows et j’ai adoré l’expérience !
Merci de m’avoir dirigé en ce sens. Je ne veux plus faire de baux papier hahaha
Avec l’ordi c’est tellement rapide, lisible, structuré et efficace on adopte.

Belle initiative ce bail numérique !

Annie, Montréal

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