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2023 Rent increase calculations: Wait for the TAL rates before sending your notices

2023 Rent increase calculations: Wait for the TAL rates before sending your notices

Be careful to use the right numbers before sending your 2023 increase calculations. Indeed, the APQ reminds you that the percentages applicable to the criteria for setting the rent for 2023 will not be available before the end of January 2023.

As these rates are based on consumer price indices (CPI), it is necessary to wait for the release of these CPIs in January 2023 to know the percentage to be applied in the calculation grid issued by the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

The APQ therefore advises you to gather all your invoices and documents necessary to fill out the TAL calculation tool, or much better the APQ Application that will allow you to have the right figures at your disposal.

But to give you an estimate of these rates, with CPIs issued from January 2022 to October 2022, here are the estimated percentages to date (Caution! These percentages are not final, just maximum estimates over 10 months).

Rent components

2023 (estimated 10 months)



2.1 %

0,9 %


25.1 %

7,6 %

Fuel oil and other energy sources

38.1 %

17,5 %

Maintenance costs

5.1 %

1,6 %

Service fees

4.2 %

3,1 %

Management fees

3.0 %

2,7 %

Net income

1.5 %

1,4 %

Capital expenditures

3.7 %

2,0 %

The APQ Application will be updated with the 2023 percentages as soon as they are released by the Administrative Housing Tribunal (TAL).

Follow the APQ. We will inform you in real time!

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