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Absence: Landlord or tenant, we must notify!

Absence: Landlord or tenant, we must notify!

With the pandemic diminishing and the resumption of travel abroad a reality, many rental property owners and tenants alike will be on the road again for holidays in the coming weeks. But should you give notice to your landlord when you go on vacation? And the owner, what should he do? Here’s a little reminder of the rules after too long a pandemic break!

I am a rental property owner and I am going on vacation.


Being a rental property owner is a full-time job, and there can be no vacation without making sure that all tasks and responsibilities of a landlord have been delegated to another person who can be easily reached. Here’s a watchlist:

1. Contact information of a person responsible for communicating with your tenants. This person will be in charge of taking all types of calls, e-mails or other requests related to the tenants. It is important to remember that this person will also have to deal with any emergency situation (water damage, fire, death in a dwelling, etc.).

2. This person must have in his/her possession the contact details of all your suppliers and intervention plans that you have developed (suppliers, insurance contract, register of tenants ...).

3. Mail verification: You may receive notices of a hearing, formal notices or notices of non-compliance. As a response time may be indicated, regular verification is required.

4. Hearing: If a hearing is scheduled, you need to see if you can be represented or if you need to apply for a postponement. We advise you to contact our legal department for this.

5. Housing visits: Do you still have dwellings for rent? Give the contact information of the person who will make the visits. And make sure with the APQ that this person is authorized to do pre-tenancy surveys for you.


I am a tenant and I am going on vacation.

The tenant is not obliged to inform the landlord, but he must have made arrangements so that the owner and/or the concierge and/or the building manager can reach him in case of emergency and show the dwelling during a prolonged absence.

So, if the tenant cannot be reached, he should provide the contact details of a third party which can, for instance, give access to his housing in case of emergency.

Happy holidays!

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