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Automobile congestion and condos

Automobile congestion and condos

Indeed, the price tag per square foot of condominiums increases more quickly when the city where the unit in co-ownership is located suddenly undergoes strong pressures at the level of automobile congestion. During the last five years the statistics have been convincing to this end. Thus, the value of apartments located downtown grows more quickly than the one of apartments located in the suburbs. Having fast access to public transport the residents of these condominiums in Montreal minimize their displacements by car, something that commuters from the suburbs cannot escape from.

Although the problems of circulation Montrealers and the inhabitants of the suburbs - who must reach the island to work there - are familiar with, are constantly decried by them, Montreal is ranked 20th concerning the average time spent on its car commuting. Compared to the inhabitants of the region of Toronto (15th in the ranking), who spend on average more than 80 minutes per day to go to and return from their job, the situation in Montreal is less painful than it actually seems. Despite everything one counts more than 29% of the inhabitants of metropolitan Toronto who use public transport to go to work.

Which is quite small a number compared to cities like Paris where there is heavy automobile congestion and where more than 74% of commuting is done in public transport or by bicycle, or Hong Kong, where more than 89% of commuting happens on feet, by bicycle or via public transport, in order to avoid the worst automobile congestion in the world. With the many building sites of road construction planned in the next few years (the Turcot Exchanger, the Bonaventure Motorway, the Champlain Bridge, and many others), one can thus easily envisage that condos in Montreal which enable us to walk, to use our bicycle or to go to the metro or the suburban train, will find takers more quickly than condominiums that, because they are located in the suburbs, require the use of the car.

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