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Be careful when investing in the building of a partner!

Be careful when investing in the building of a partner!

In a recent situation (1), a man asks to receive compensation for investing in two buildings of his common-law spouse, or to be declared co-owner thereof. According to the judgement, after a conjugal life together of 17 years, the couple separated in 2012. Previously, during their life together, the Mrs. had purchased a first home. According to the Mister, it is customary in his country of origin that the goods are in the name of the woman, but it was clear to him that the house belonged to the two of them and he invokes an agreement between them. So he pays half the mortgage each month for this building. Yet, according to Madame, Monsieur did not have the funds to invest in a house, apparently it was she who would have paid the notary fees, as well as the welcome tax and most of the expenditures for maintenance.

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