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Bed bugs : What to do to avoid them?

Bed bugs : What to do to avoid them?

You are moving:

- Protective covers for the mattresses are a very good idea.
Ensure yourself however that these are provided with a zip fastener. For more protection, stick adhesive tape fabric (of the duct tape type) along the zip fastener. It is possible to find bed bugs in the moving vans.

In your new housing:

- Often pass the vacuum cleaner to help.
- Avoid collecting mattresses or pieces of furniture on the edge of the sidewalk. It can be easy and interesting to recover a mattress or a small piece of furniture which does not seem to be worn out at all. However, not really knowing from where these things come, you are likely to bring in much more than just pieces of furniture.

On the occasion of a voyage:

- Inspect the bed, the bed linen, the adjacent pieces of furniture, the bottoms of the drawers as well as the dark corners, especially on the level of the floor.
- The use of a plastic cover for mattresses can be a good means of protecting you, you will only have to throw it out or wash it carefully before returning it.
- If you detect their presence, inform the personnel of the hotel immediately.
You could also avoid putting your things in the drawers. Put them in plastic bags, preferably higher than the level of the floor, like on a shelf.
- Certain websites propose to you to coat the legs of the bed with oil frost and to push the bed head a few centimeters away from the wall.

Returning from your trip:

- Examine your luggage meticulously.
- With the assistance of a vacuum cleaner, equipped with a small brush, clean your suitcases and throw the bag of the vacuum cleaner out. If your vacuum cleaner does not have a bag, clean the vacuum cleaner well according to recommendations.
- Wash all clothing with hot water, then dry it at high temperature.

In conclusion, you should know that it is not necessary to live in an unhealthy housing to have bed bugs. You could find them as much in a new condo as in a little soiled and wet housing. It all depends really on the way which it took for them to arrive at you. Here were thus some small tips to prevent that they would invite themselves on your premise.

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