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Being successful with your applications of submission: Instructions (Part 2)

Being successful with your applications of submission: Instructions (Part 2)

Step 6: Prepare documents for service call.
- Allow 2 to 4 weeks to receive all offers;
- Identify opportunities to visit the future site (with whom and when);
- Provide a contact person to answer questions and who will be able to take appointments.

Step 7: Selection of suppliers invited to tender.
In order to want quality suppliers we will make a first selection by searching:
- In network referencing (e.g. APQ suppliers…);
- Groups of entrepreneurs;
- Professional associations;
- Business groups.
Ultimately, we seek references on the Internet.

Step 8: Assessment of Responses
We are awaiting the answers of all before watching anything, at the end date of the service call.
Any response received out of time will be excluded.
Those who do not meet the basic criteria are excluded.
Those who cannot meet deadlines are excluded.
Compare the details of the service offering, not only the price but the totality of the offer.
One should not necessarily have to choose the best price, but take into account the reputation for the type of work to be done. (Letter of references received.)

Research to see if disputes have occurred or are ongoing with the contractor (at the Palais de Justice, the CSST, the RBQ, the CCQ and the professional corporations concerned).

Step 9: Signing the contract.
Call the selected person and prepare the contract. You must ensure that it reflects:
- All the criteria of the service call;
- The terms of payment;
- The date of the work;
- If the scope of the work warrants it, provide for a deduction, usually 10% for 3-12 months.

Successful work!

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