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Black list of the Régie du bâtiment

Black list of the Régie du bâtiment

 The Régie du bâtiment of Quebec has just added to its black list the names of 69 building firms having made themselves guilty of tax evasion which will only be able from now on to operate with a restricted licence for the next five years.


Some of these companies are very well-known like Simard-Beaudry Construction, Construction Louisbourg, Laco Construction Inc., Terramex Inc. and Les Grands Travaux SOTER Inc.

Company B.T. Céramique Inc., whose name is also on the list, would have been used to feed the stratagem with fraudulent invoices from the companies Simard-Beaudry and Louisbourg. This company will not be able to carry out any more work for the Government of Quebec before February 2016.


The company Les Grand Travaux SOTER had, in particular, refitted, last summer, the exchanger of the A-20/the A-25/road 132, close to the tunnel Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine, a contract of 66.5 million $.

Terramex Inc., in its turn, recently carried out work at the Place d’Armes, in Montreal, a contract of 12 million $.

The 14 companies, whose work for the Ministry of Transport is at present being carried out, will know by next week if the Government puts an end to their contract or not.

Bill 35, given royal ascent last Friday, aims at eliminating fraud in the field of construction and makes it possible for the Rental Board of Quebec to restrict the licence for a five-year period.



The cancelled, suspended or restricted licences

The Act envisaging certain measures in order to fight against criminality in the construction industry and the Act aiming to prevent, fight and sanction certain fraudulent practices in the construction industry and making other modifications to the Act on building, authorizes the Rental Board of Quebec (RBQ) to make sure that the contractors, their leaders, their shareholders and, following certain methods, their lenders, do not have legal antecedents dependent on their activities and, if necessary, to refuse, suspend or cancel a licence.

The laws also make it possible for the RBQ to register a restriction on a licence prohibiting a contractor to tender or conclude a public contract if he, his leaders or his shareholders have been condemned for certain criminal acts.


In the framework of these laws, here are the decisions rendered by the RBQ:

cancelled licences:

B.I.G. Construction

9190-8905 Quebec Inc.

Albeau construction

Restoration M.L.

9147-6226 QUEBEC Inc.

Construction Christian Marchand

Construction Rockburn Inc.

Construction P.J.L.

Group JBG Inc.

Les entreprises Flexx Inc.



There is no licence suspended for the moment.


You can consult the table of the restricted licences on:


Source: Régie du bâtiment du Québec



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