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BONE Structure, a Sherbrooke project

BONE Structure, a Sherbrooke project

Interview with BONE Structure, a Sherbrooke project


Marc-Andre Bovet, president of BONE Structure, granted an interview to us to speak  about this new way of doing “unique” real-estate.


- What exactly is BONE Structure?


“BONE Structure is like a mechanics play … quite simply”. Our way of building our dwellings is based on the structure of the human skeleton. The units are built like a steel skeleton, as easy to assemble as a play of mechanics. The whole being very square and encasing itself perfectly. Cupboards of kitchens, windows, interior staircases … are installed with a “click”. With the result that our units can be personalized according to the need of each one and this according to the site and its environment, the dimensions of the rooms and the height of the ceilings. For example, you could have in a room a ceiling of 9 feet high, whereas in the other the latter would be at 12 feet, in an architectural and contemporary style.


The projects are carried out by authorized and specially trained “Dealers”.

You are thus doing business with them, just as for a car dealer in order to choose according to your needs. And it are the same dealers that carry out the construction of your unique dwelling.


- To whom such a project addresses itself?


To everyone. As much to a family with children, as to a single-parent family, or a single person. Those who seek a quality house, of contemporary style in a unique environment.


- What are the costs?



BONE Structure categorizes its dwellings in the following way: small, medium, large, extra-large… and so on and so forth. For example, for a dwelling of an urban type of a small size, that is to say a total of 1600sf² on 2 floors, the prices start at 299.000$. For a large size rural-type dwelling, with a surface of 3400sf² on 2 floors, one speaks about 599.000$ and more. These prices are for one-family residences.


Concerning multiplexes, the prices have not been determined yet. According to BONE Structure, the whole will be available this autumn. The whole could adjust itself to the size of the budget and the customer requirements in terms of liveable space.


- What are the advantages of living in a BONE Structure?


Its assembly is precise and fast.

There is no structure of wood, everything is made of more sustainable recycled and light metal and does not deform itself. It does not rot and does not move either.

No nails or cutting involved.

Wood is used as external or interior facing only.

No load-bearing walls, which leaves much volume available.

Less waste produced, during construction.

Each unit is modular, which makes them personalized and unique dwellings.

Great energy efficiency, each unit is like it is sealed.

Fast delivery, example for a 3000sf² on 3 floors, one must count 7 days (variable according to the temperature).

Better quality control.


Are there any other projects of this kind, in development elsewhere in Quebec?


Several projects of BONE Structure dwellings have already been carried out almost everywhere in Quebec. Projects are in negotiation for Ontario and even France.

But, it is in Sherbrooke that the first DISTRICT BONE Structure will be built.



Being proud about the many prizes of excellence and innovation in the industry, the Laval-based company BONE Structure, presents today the very first District BONE Structure located in Sherbrooke within the domiciliary project Côté Nord at a few minutes from the Carrefour de l’Estrie. It is the authorized dealer ‘Sherbrookois Gestion’, Frédérik Prévost, who, as from September, will build on this exclusive site made up of some forty wooded and protected plots of land, 54 housing units in the form of insulated one-family residences, duplexes and multiplexes containing the distinctive architecture of BONE Structure, well-integrated into the environment.



 Gestion Patrick Prévost (Construction N.E.F. Inc.) has been building residential dwellings for many years. Established in Sherbrooke, this Company is anxious to offer to its customers quality products at competitive prices, by its quality work. It has also a vast experience in long-distance management. By viewing their Website, one quickly realizes the achievements of this Company.


Types of construction projects:


- Key-in-hand project

- Project at cost and percentage

- Project at all-in price


 It offers also several services:


 - Analysis of the needs and budget

 - Estimate of work

 - Design

 - Plan and estimate

 - Payment schedules

 - Project management and management

 - Construction

 - Completion of great quality

 - Restoration


All the stages for the construction of a “key-in-hand” project are carried out in close cooperation with the architects and/or the engineers assigned to the project. It results in a major reduction of the costs of realization and execution times, which explains the growing interest for the signed “key-in-hand” projects.

We privilege certain values, such as professionalism, creativity,

aesthetic beauty, the quality of the services, the speed of execution and respect of the budgets and the payment schedules.


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