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D-Day, recommendations:

D-Day, recommendations:

D-Day, recommendations:


It is recommended, at the time of moving, to leave a room completely empty. In case your moving would take place on July 1, which is the busiest period, that could allow the new tenant to deposit his effects in there and thus prevent that they would cross with yours. This small measure applies especially at the time of conflict of schedule with the renting of a vehicle. It is not rare to see the new tenant arrive even before the former is gone or has begun to charge his vehicle.


You should not forget to take a reading of your hydrometer at the time of departure from your old apartment and once arrived in your new apartment. Neither should you procrastinate in communicating this information to your hydro company.

Certain cable companies asks you to cut the “cable” wire at approximately 6 inches from the wall in order to prevent that the next tenant does not connect in an illegal way….


During your move, it may be that certain articles, the coach, a mattress, do not satisfy you anymore. Outmoded, worn out, broken…they are.


It is important to see to it that the pieces of furniture or other objects are collected by the City or by a specialized company, to prevent in fact that the undesirable ones, i.e. the bed bugs, take refuge there. The coaches, pieces of furniture, clothing and, among others, the mattresses left on the sidewalk, can be attractive for certain people who could believe that these articles can still be useful. Either for ecological or economic reasons.


It is thus important to give notice to the City or to inform oneself about the schedule of collecting bulky waste, in order to, precisely, as much as possible avoid the propagation of vermin and pollution. Certain places recover these old articles, like the eco-centers. There also exist companies specialized in the collection of bulky kitchen utensils.


For old clothing, it is always possible to make a gift to various social welfare organizations, churches… They can also be deposited in the stations of certain companies specialized in the recovery of old clothing.

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