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Estrie Aide : New service introduced

Estrie Aide : New service introduced

Estrie aide is setting up a new service that could be of interest to homeowners.
This service can save time and money:
in time, because we have the necessary resources to meet the needs for furniture and utilities of all kinds;
in money, because the prices defy all competition;

The operating procedure will be very simple. Estrie Aide will prepare a list of needs for your housing. The latter can contain: furniture, lamps, ceiling lights and various items for which you express the need.

This list must be completed as follows: the name of the applicant, his address. The latter (the list) will be composed of articles in the form of columns. You will need on the line at the end write the number you need, for example: bedroom desk 2. Kitchen table 1.

Although we have the inventory of what you are looking for, we cannot guarantee that we will have them on hand. However, a lot of furniture is collected by Estrie Aide and it is easier for our team to create a reserve bank of furniture for us when we know your more specific needs.

For more information you can contact Robert Bérard at 873 662-4285 |

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