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Eviction: ignorance of the law can be costly

Eviction: ignorance of the law can be costly

It can never be said enough, the tenant has a right to remain in the premises. That is to say, it is not so simple to terminate his lease, even at its end, because he is entitled to a renewal. Let it be said, if a tenant refuses to leave at the end of his lease, following an agreement to that effect or even following a decision of the Tribunal terminating his lease, we cannot limit ourselves to taking the tenant's property out of the dwelling simply because the lease is “terminated.” Such a practice is tantamount to taking the law into one's own hands and may constitute an infringement of the tenant's rights and lead to an order to pay damages.

Although you are the owner of the rented dwelling, if you have chosen to rent it as a housing to someone, you should know that henceforth, the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms protects him or her in the event of intrusion into the dwelling, by the following sections in particular

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