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Fraudulent e-mails: Sharp increase in e-mails asking to pay rent via a link

Fraudulent e-mails: Sharp increase in e-mails asking to pay rent via a link
Since the end of 2022, many e-mails have been circulating to scam tenants and extract a month’s rent from them.

These e-mails look unfortunately very credible, and many tenants may fall into the trap.

The received e-mails talk about a change of landlords and therefore of the method to collect rent from now on.

The Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) vigorously denounces this type of practice and these frauds that damage the image of rental housing owners.

We invite you to remind your tenants that several fraudulent e-mails are circulating these days, and we urge them not to change their rent payments via this link, also reminding them of the methods used to pay their rent to you, as decided in the signed lease.

If one of your tenants has paid an amount of rent in this way, it is up to them to file a complaint with the police.
Also, even if financial situations would be affected, the rent must always be paid to you. An error on the tenant’s part does not exempt him from paying his rent to you.

We realize that the consequences can be unfortunate financially, and even cause a lot of anxiety when a complaint is filed, so it will then be up to you as a landlord to talk with your tenant and examine the possible avenues so that he can pay his rent on time.

Vigilance is necessary for all in this matter!

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