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Good Landlord seeks Good Tenant

Good Landlord seeks Good Tenant

Several years ago, the landlords asked us to find a solution to narrow the gap of this duality between owners and tenants.

The landlords wished to highlight their desire to serve their customers well in order to show the union of interests of each other: a good landlord wants a good tenant, but the opposite is quite as true.
We recommend to the owners to make some verifications on the candidate before renting a housing. It is necessary indeed to ensure ourselves to rent our housing to a person who respects his/her obligations.

It was only logical to offer to the tenants access to verifications, before renting a housing, on the building and the services rendered. From where this new Housing-checked service.

According to the type of verification chosen we will be able to carry out checks as well on the files related to the building before the Régie du logement, the City, the fire-department services of the Régie du Bâtiment du Québec and also know the satisfaction of a sample of tenants of the building.

Following this verification the building could be seen itself this symbol allotted meaning that the whole of the file makes it a recommendable building. The number accompanying the logo will make it possible to validate that it concerns an updated verification on our Website.

Good Tenant and Good Landlord, we wish you lots of harmony!

About the author

Martin A. Messier

Me Martin A. Messier a fait ses études au Collège St-Jean-de-Brébeuf avant de continuer ses études en droit à l'Université de Montréal. Il est membre du Barreau du Québec depuis 1992, et œuvre auprès des propriétaires de logements locatifs depuis 1993.

Il est entre autres président de l'Association des propriétaires du Québec, propriétaire d'une compagnie de gestion immobilière. Il est fréquemment invité comme conférencier dans le cadre de conférences et de séminaires juridiques et de gestion portant sur le louage immobilier.

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