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The arrival of colder weather raises many questions for tenants and landlords. In Québec, adequate heating of a dwelling is crucial to maintaining its habitability.

Therefore, at this time of the year, the Régie du logement reminds the public of certain rules governing the heating of a dwelling:

  • when it is cold outside, the dwelling must be heated to about 21 degrees;
  • a clause in the lease indicating a specific date when the heating must be turned on is invalid;
  • when the lease indicates that the heating of a dwelling is paid for by the landlord, the law requires that the landlord ensure the tenant has an adequate ambient temperature, regardless of the time of the year;
  • the landlord must see that the heating system is working properly;
  • the tenant must maintain a sufficient temperature to prevent any damage to the dwelling. The tenant must also be sure not to overheat the dwelling and to use heating devices properly.

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