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Housing turned into cannabis greenhouse

Housing turned into cannabis greenhouse

The mixed regional war-against-drugs squad searched, on Wednesday the 14th, in the morning, a building with residences located at rue Sainte Marguerite, in Trois-Rivières.

 Indeed, the building located at 3995, rue Sainte Marguerite, was used only for the production of marihuana. The ERM (Escouade régionale mixte) had inquired into this point of production for a few months, following information received from the public.

More than 600 seedlings in maturity were seized on the spot. The building of four residences had been transformed into a greenhouse of marihuana, whereas the two residences of the two higher floors counted nine rooms where marihuana was cultivated in pots, explains policeman Michel Letarte, public-relations officer for the ERM and the public safety of Trois-Rivières.

“Two small residences were located in the basement. One had been converted into a room and was occupied by one or two people responsible for the maintenance of the greenhouse, but nobody lived permanently in the building,” he explained.

 Inside, an entire system of ventilation had also been installed to allow the cultivation of marihuana. Yesterday morning, Hydro-Quebec was on the spot to check the electricity meters, and it would not be impossible that charges of electricity theft would be deposited in this file, in addition to those of production of marihuana.

Nobody was on the spot at the time of the search. No arrests were made yet, but some arrests are to be envisaged, specified police agent Michel Letarte. He was not able however to say if the building had been rented to tenants.

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