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Montreal: land taxes will be increased

Montreal: land taxes will be increased

Montrealers can already prepare for increases in land taxes next year, but those will not exceed the rate of inflation, promises the president of the Executive Committee, Michael Applebaum.

 The rise, just like in 2011, should thus be fixed on average at 2,5%.

 On the other hand, just like this year, the City does not exclude seeking additional income by means of a water tax and a tax on the roadway system.

 This astute way has helped to pass an increase of 4,3%, this year. That accounted for another 127 $ more to pay for the owner of a building worth 350.000 $.

 Special taxes

 The tax burden of Montrealers could also increase by means of special taxes imposed by certain boroughs.

Several of them, of which the Plateau Mount-Royal, the Sud-Ouest and Rivière-des- Prairies-Pointe-aux-Trembles, complain that the sums that the central City (administration) pays them are not sufficient.

Yesterday, Michael Applebaum repeated that the boroughs had combined surpluses of 132 million $, that they should use in these difficult times.

 He also stressed that grants to the boroughs had increased on average by 7,8% since 2006, without taking into account the rate of inflation.

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