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More Quebec households are thinking about buying a dwelling in 2009

More Quebec households are thinking about buying a dwelling in 2009

The APCHQ (Association provinciale des constructeurs d'habitations du Québec) is taking a poll in order to know the intentions of Quebecers as far as buying and/or renovation of their dwelling is concerned, and the intentions to buy a dwelling have increased substantially in March of 2009, whereas the poll of the previous months showed a decrease since the beginning of the year.

Whereas the intentions to buy are on the increase, those to renovate remain stable but are still as high as  19 % of the households polled.

Here are the main conclusions resulting from the poll done at the end of the month of March:

  • 6,0 % of Quebec households declared their intention to buy an apartment in the next 12 months compared to 2,8 % during the month of February and 4,1 % last January. The intentions to buy a dwelling seem to have doubled during the last month given that somewhat more than 200 000 households express their intention to buy compared to 95 000 last February.

  • Most of the households intending to buy a dwelling say that they want to buy a one-family home (42 %) whereas 13 % envisage buying a condo and 8 % a row house or a semidetached one.

  • Households envisaging to buy a dwelling expect to spend 233 684 $ on average.

  • 19,0 % of Quebec households expressed their intention to carry out renovation works or improvement of their dwelling in the next twelve months. This is a result that can be compared to what has been noticed last February.

  • Among those who envisage doing works of renovation, a bit more than half (52 %) intend to call a contractor to carry out the work. This result is a bit less than the one of February when 57 % of the households envisaging to do renovations intended to do business with a contractor.

  • More than one fourth of the households who plan to do renovations do not know how much they will spend to do these works. Those who do, say 10 007 $ on average. The average expense anticipated was 10 895 $ for the last four months.

  • This poll was done by the firm Processus Marketing for the APCHQ from March 30th to April 4, 2009.

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