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Moving - Beware of your little friends, your pets.

Moving - Beware of your little friends, your pets.

Beware of your little friends, your pets.


At the time of D-day, try as much as possible to provide yourself with a cage for small animals, to prevent that these do not escape. Or, insofar as it is possible, entrust them to a trustworthy person, a relative, a friend…


Every year many pets are abandoned, for various reasons. There are several places enabling you to leave your pet there which will unfortunately not be able to follow you into your new apartment. It is necessary to show good citizenship and to avoid abandoning them like old pieces of furniture.


Well before the moving day, try to find a good new family for your animal. Look on the side of your parents, friends, neighbours… If this last step is not conclusive, there remain for you the animal shelters.


See to it in advance!

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