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Moving : The Packing Process:

Moving : The Packing Process:

When one decides to leave one dwelling for another one, normally the process of packing of the goods starts in the weeks that follow.

It is very easy to pick up boxes left on the sidewalks by shopkeepers or other tenants. In these times when recycling is in full swing, it is thus very tempting to recover them to pack your personal effects. More especially as they are “free”.

Considering the phenomenon which makes headlines lately, the bed bugs, it is strongly recommended to use clean packing. Indeed, the box left on the sidewalk constitutes a threat, a danger of proliferation of the undesirable ones. As we really do not know from where these boxes originate, or in which environment they have been it is thus preferable to buy new boxes or to re-use boxes from known sources.

Certain car/truck rental companies or public warehouses sell boxes and all that is necessary for packing your goods. Certain companies can also rent you plastic containers.

It is preferable, once moving is finished, to put these boxes in an attached bundle with a string, for recycling. Let it be known, however, that unfortunately plastic bubble wrappings cannot be recycled.

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