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My tenant wants to reduce his electricity bill

My tenant wants to reduce his electricity bill

An owner of rental housing realizes after the departure of his tenant that the housing luminaires have almost all disappeared. There remains only a light in the kitchen and in the bathroom. She also unplugged the fan that was connected to the same luminaire.

Faced with this unexpected situation, the tenant justifies her actions for the sake of saving electricity. And these disconnections were made by her, without the intervention of an electrician.

Firstly, to ensure that all disconnections and changes are consistent and non-hazardous for the housing and the building, the owner must send an electrician to confirm the inventory.
If the tenant refuses the visit of the electrician, a notice requiring access to the housing will be sought from the Régie du logement.

The owner shall send a notice to the tenant informing her that she should at least plug in the fan again in the bathroom. Indeed, in some codes of municipal housing, the fan in the bathroom is mandatory. The lack of ventilation in such a humid room can cause mold.

To the notice shall be added that the tenant will be liable for damages (for lack of a fan, caused by the appearing mold) and also the damage she has caused if she would have badly disconnected it. Also, the obligation to restore, at the end of the lease, all fixtures.
Eventually, the owner will be able to send a notice requiring to stop making changes to the housing.

In terms of brightness however, if nothing is dangerous (risk of fire mainly), the tenant will not be obliged to illuminate her housing.

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