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One can have a beautiful lawn all the while saving water and money

One can have a beautiful lawn all the while saving water and money

With the summer season several organizations interested in the environment invite the citizens to take care of our water, a source which is not inexhaustible any more. It is the case of the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) which informs on the possibilities of saving water and money, even if one wants to preserve a beautiful lawn.

One suggests to give only one inch of water per week to our lawn, it is sufficient! One even invites to jump one week of watering after a good downpour. To measure the quantity of sprinkled water on it, one suggests putting a container in the lawn which can indicate 1 inch, when you sprinkle your lawn uniformly.

It is preferable to sprinkle our lawn thoroughly, an in-depth watering, instead of more frequently sprinkling on the surface. This is better for the deepening of the roots. It is also preferable not to sprinkle too much, because the lawn can yellow when it is softened, in addition to the risk of moulds and diseases.

It is always important to check if our municipality imposes restrictions on the use of water.

When the lawn is dry and dormant, one should avoid circulating there unnecessarily and especially not mow it. It is necessary to avoid cutting the grass too short by leaving a height from at least 6 to 8 cm (2,5 to 3 inches) there. That will cause to protect the roots against the sun and to better retain the water.

A thick and vigorous lawn supports the heat and the dryness better and constitutes the best protection against the invasion of bad herbs.

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