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Overview of the programmes of the Energy Efficiency Agency

Overview of the programmes of the Energy Efficiency Agency

Renovate efficiently, it pays off! 


You are the owner of a one-family dwelling that you think to renovate?  Make the choice of energy efficiency and become admissible to financial assistance.  The programme Rénoclimat contains an energy efficiency evaluation before and after the renovation works, an energy quotation of your dwelling done on the spot by a counselor in energy efficiency as well as access to financial assistance. 


Compare before buying…


Assure your future occupants a comfortable dwelling, clean air and savings on their energy bill thanks to the programme Novoclimat.  The program divides itself in 2 parts: the one-family part offered to the consumers desiring to obtain a house with high energy performance and the housing part which applies to apartment buildings of seven floors and less.  Financial assistance is equally available here. 


A free service! 


Your tenants receive an energy bill for heating and their income corresponds to the established thresholds allowing them to be admissible to the programme?  Propose to them Éconologis to improve their comfort and to help them to save money and energy. Éconologis is a seasonal programme that furnishes freely to households with modest budgets personalized advice and products linked to energy efficiency, irregardless of the source of energy used, with the exception of wood. 


Take advantage of solar energy! 


Using solar energy to heat domestic water is now possible!  The Energy Efficiency Agency offers a pilot-project to encourage the installation of 600 domestic solar water-heaters.  Financial assistance, representing about 50% of the cost of a system, is granted according to the type of system installed.  The financial assistance granted varies between 2 700 $ and 4 250 $. 


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