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Precautions to be taken before signing a contract for snow removal

Precautions to be taken before signing a contract for snow removal

- Check the average price in your area. A much lower than average price could be a source of problems or a lack of seriousness. Indeed, snow removal companies equipped with specialized machinery have fixed costs and must charge their customers based on their spending. Accepting a bid too low could be risky for you. In contrast, you can negotiate with the contractor in the case of a higher price.

- Insist on a written contract containing all the obligations of the contractor including: the period covered by the contract, starting from how many centimeters of snow he must clear, at what time of the day the snow must be removed, the price of extras such as spreading salt or sand or clear access to the doors as well as the total price and payment terms.

- If the contractor does not want to make you a written contract, do not take him.

- Ask to pay with at least two installments: eg 15 November and 15 January: This practice has the advantage of keeping a certain control over the quality of the service rendered and of not losing everything in the event of closure of the company.

-If you want a particular service such as a clearing very early in the morning do not hesitate to pay extra to make sure you receive a service different from other services, e.g. if you are a volunteer firefighter.

-Ask your neighbours and relatives about companies or individuals who have provided good service to them. An entrepreneur who takes care of several neighbours who are satisfied customers for several years could give you a competitive price given the number of customers served on the same street.
A serious business will answer your questions, it is well-established, it has solid experience, it can provide recommendations and it holds liability insurance.

- You can check the Office of Consumer Protection to determine whether the referred contractor has had any complaints about his work and how he dealt with them.

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