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Precious Help for ID Theft Victims

Precious Help for ID Theft Victims

In recent years, the rate of identity theft crimes has steadily risen in Canada and the U.S. In 2006, Phonebusters, a Canadian telemarketing fraud call center, received 7 778 complaints from victims resulting in losses totalling 16 million dollars.

In response to this menace, The Personal, group home and auto insurer chosen by the Réseau des ingénieurs du Québec, created ID Theft Assistance. All home insurance policyholders of The Personal get it free of charge. Here is how this service can help you if you are a victim of identity theft.

What Is ID Theft ?

Identity theft occurs when an individual uses your name, social security number, credit car number or any other information about your identity, without your consent, for monetary or personal gain.

ID thieves have many tricks up their sleeves:

  • Robbing your purse or wallet for your credit cards or passport;

  • Using electronic readers to obtain the information contained on the magnetic strip of your credit card and then recoding it on a counterfeit one;

  • Creating fraudulent emails and websites that look like they belong to known financial institutions and in which you are asked to update your personal data.

The Personal Offers Reassuring Service

No one is immune to ID Theft. If it happens to you, you may not lose any money, but you may have to invest a lot of time and energy to rectify the situation. This is what makes ID Theft Assistance so worthwhile. This service will make your life easier by providing support throughout the process of regaining your identity.

The ID Theft Assistance service gives you access to a team of experts that are at your service day and night. Our lawyers* will support and help you  re establish your identity and our psychologists will help you handle the high stress levels that being a victim can cause.

Finally, the ID Theft Assistance service includes a number of paper and electronic tools containing a ton of useful information, verification lists as well as a logbook that will allow you to monitor every step along the way.

ID Theft Assistance Free Of Charge For You

If you already have a home insurance policy with The Personal and you believe that you are a victim of identity theft, call the ID Theft Assistance team at 1 877 870-4973.

If you are not a client of The Personal, this is just one more reason to request a quote today, either by phone at 1 888 476-8737 or online at


PhoneBusters (

Sécurité publique Canada (

The information contained in this aditorial are provided for your information only. The Personal, General Insurance Inc., is not responsible in any way for any resulting damages. Certain conditions apply.

* Lawyers are available Monday to Friday from 9 am to 8 pm and Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. Calls are returned within 48 business hours.

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