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Rent freeze in 2023: This request does not take into account the reality

Rent freeze in 2023: This request does not take into account the reality

Montreal, November 8, 2022 --- The Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) disagrees with the proposal of the Regroupement des comités logement et associations de locataires du Québec (RCLALQ) calling for a rent freeze in 2023:  The housing stock in Québec is already under too restrictive rent control. 

This claim is in no way economically justified in a context where all expenses related to rental buildings are increasing. And the result of the rent increase calculation is already too low for owners of rental housing with the current calculation method. 

The Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) reminds us that it is a rent adjustment and not a rent increase that is made each year. And as the rental regulations allow, the tenant can refuse a rent adjustment. 

“Moreover, will the Government freeze grocery rates, the price of gasoline or even government spending, so that everyone, rental housing owners or tenants, can pay for their essential goods?” adds Martin Messier, President of the APQ. 

Rental housing owners are faced with increases in their maintenance contracts, insurance, taxes... and they must at the same time offer safe, up-to-date, affordable housing.... It is impossible to put quality housing on the market when a rental housing owner has invested thousands of dollars in renovations or has seen his building insurance jump; how can we force them then not to increase their rents? 

Although 2023 will be the year with the highest rates of increase in decades, these will still be far below an acceptable return on investment. 

And so, the year 2023 will be another year in which landlords and tenants will have to discuss and negotiate an acceptable increase, together. 

“Before encouraging confrontation however, it is appropriate to start with constructive dialogue,” adds the APQ. 

Other avenues to focus on

According to the Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ), before proposing to freeze rents, associations and groups of tenants could support common requests such as: 

- the possibility of spreading the rent increase over a few years; 
- helping more tenants by revising the eligibility criteria for rent supplements;
- removing maintaining the rent price on the housing, but only on the tenant.

“Owners, Do your calculations, take the time to examine your situation and that of your tenants. And if new restrictions appear, the APQ will be there to challenge them and assert the position of the owners!” concludes the APQ.

Moreover, the APQ will hold its clinic on rent setting on January 28, 2023.

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