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Rent Registry: An Unnecessary Idea That Should Be Abandoned Long Ago

Rent Registry: An Unnecessary Idea That Should Be Abandoned Long Ago

Montreal, May 11, 2023 - The Quebec Landlords Association (APQ) notes that once again organizations want to intervene in government decisions by granting a voluntary "rent registry", but voluntary for whom?

In Quebec there are nearly 1,300,000 dwellings and how many dwellings are found in a home-made register?

In addition, according to the information available on the site, to "register a rent" it seems that no proof is required to confirm the amount of the rent, which means anyone who wants to harm a landlord could use this registry by registering false rents. Who will verify that the amount is true?

The question arises: Why hinder government decisions? The Government has clearly expressed its refusal to create a national rent registry in 2021. According to the APQ, “there is already a legislative and regulatory framework that ensures the protection of tenants" added Martin Messier, President of the APQ.

For the Quebec Landlords Association (APQ), a lease registry is simply useless. Tenants in Quebec are already protected more than anywhere else in the world.

Moreover, the provision that aims to maintain the price of housing following the departure of the tenant must simply be abolished. Protection is given to the tenant in place, but on top of that the tenant can additionally ask for the rent to be reduced to a lower price, and this, despite them freely negotiating the rent and signing a contract, the lease! It is simply outrageous to trample people's freedom of contract in this way.

Supply and demand should simply govern this type of situation. If an accommodation is too expensive, it will not find a renter and the price will be adjusted accordingly.

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