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Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities (RRAP-Disabilities)

Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program for Persons with Disabilities (RRAP-Disabilities)

The Residential Rehabilitation Assistance Program (RRAP) for Persons with Disabilities offers financial assistance to homeowners and landlords to undertake accessibility work to modify dwellings occupied or intended for occupancy by low-income persons with disabilities.

Who is eligible?

Homeowners may apply if:

  • the value of their house is below a specified figure, and
  • their household income is at or below established ceilings (limits) based on household size and area.

Landlords may apply for modifications to units if:

  • the rents are at or below established levels, and
  • the units are occupied by tenants with incomes at or below the income ceilings.

Assistance is also available to landlords owning rooming houses with rents below established levels. Properties must meet minimum health and safety standards.

What assistance is available?

Assistance is in the form of a forgivable loan.

For homeowners, assistance is provided for one hundred per cent (100%) of the total cost of the modifications up to the maximum loan amount for the area. Homeowners must agree to continue to own and occupy the home for the term of the loan.

For landlords, 100 percent forgiveness is available for accessibility modifications up to the maximum loan on eligible units. Landlords must agree that:

  • the units will continue to be affordable to tenants, and
  • in the case of rental units, new occupancy be limited to households with incomes at or below established income ceilings.
  Maximum Loan
Maximum Loan(Homeowner/Rooming House)
Zone 1:
Southern areas of Canada
$24,000 $16,000
Zone 2:
Northern areas
$28,000 $19,000
Zone 3:
Far Northern areas
$36,000 $24,000

Additional assistance may be available in remote areas.

IMPORTANT: Work carried out before the loan is approved in writing is not eligible for funding under this program.

Other CMHC programs are available to assist eligible Canadians with repairs to substandard housing, accessibility modifications and adaptations for seniors.

In some areas of Canada, funding for these or similar programs is provided jointly by the Government of Canada, and the provincial or territorial government. In these areas, the provincial or territorial housing agency may be responsible for delivery of the programs. Program variations may also exist in these areas.

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