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The APQ in parliamentary committee for Bill 54: An Act to improve the legal situation of animals

The APQ in parliamentary committee for Bill 54: An Act to improve the legal situation of animals

Several hearings in parliamentary committee are held in September: Bill n°492: An Act to amend the Civil Code to protect seniors’ rights as lessees and Bill 54 on animals.

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) was adopted in committee to hear the views of the owners as one of the items legislated by the Bill is the abandonment of animals in a housing.

"It is found alone in the premises subject to a lease after the expiration or termination thereof;

51. An inspector may take any abandoned animal into care and provide it with the care the inspector considers necessary. The inspector may also entrust custody of the animal to animal services or to a shelter, a pound or any person or organization dedicated to the protection of animals.

52. Within seven days after taking an abandoned animal into care, the inspector returns the animal to its owner if the owner is known and has paid the animal care expenses incurred."

For owners of rental properties it is appreciated that greater accountability has been put into place for people who abandon their animals in their dwelling. Because each year many owners carry the heavy burden of managing a painful situation, both emotionally and operationally: we open the door of the housing and find that there are animals inside whereas the housing is empty.

The Bill provides for penalties against the owner of the animal and for taking care of it.

The Association of Quebec Landlords (APQ) thinks it is totally absurd that the fault is attributed to the owners in these circumstances, while often it is they who will find the abandoned animal and must handle this situation.

This support will allow owners to not suffer the consequences of bad actions committed by their former tenant.

Tenants who abandon their animals must be severely punished.

A safety deposit should be allowed to safeguard both the condition of the housing when leaving as well as prevent the abandonment of an animal in the dwelling.

The Association of Quebec Landlords believes that the possibility of requesting a safety deposit upon signing the lease would open the door to animals by more homeowners and limit abandonment of animals.

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