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The certificate of localization, an obligatory element in a real-estate transaction?

The certificate of localization, an obligatory element in a real-estate transaction?

This certificate is necessary at the time of a real-estate transaction and can be required by your creditor, your notary, your lawyer, your appraiser or by the municipality. The real-estate broker can help you to check if this certificate is still valid and if it contains the information necessary for a transaction made according to the standards.


What is this all about, really?


According to the Ordre des Arpenteurs-Géomètres du Québec, the certificate of localization is a document comprising a report and a plan by which the land-surveyor-geometrician expresses his professional opinion on the situation and the current condition of a real estate. He provides “the state of health” of a property compared to the title deeds, with the land register, as well as to the laws and regulations that may be concerned.


Its importance!


The real-estate broker will consult this document in order to have a precise idea of the site of the property and of possible problems. Any modification in the surface and the site of the buildings, every new law applicable to the property, every new servitude, any addition or any change of cadastral designation constitutes a change and implies the production, by the salesman, of a new certificate of localization, unless there would be a contrary agreement in the promise to purchase.


The real-estate broker will make sure that the documents of the salesman are valid and that the transaction can take place. He will deal with holding an authentic copy of the title deed, an authentic copy of the other ‘translative’ deeds and of course, an authentic copy of a certificate of localization of the current situation of the property prepared by the land-surveyor-geometrician.

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