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The City of Montreal forbids the installation of solid combustible appliances on its territory

The City of Montreal forbids the installation of solid combustible appliances on its territory

A new regulation seeking to forbid the installation of an appliance driven by solid combustibles, except for a device fuelled by granules, inside a new or existing building, has been adopted by the City of Montreal, and will be enforced beginning on 28 April 2009. The announcement was made by the [person] responsible for sustainable development and the environment of the City of Montreal, Mr. Alan DeSousa.

The municipal council will have to adopt this decision during the upcoming session of 27 April. The new regulation affects the entire territory of the City of Montreal. It is the first stage in this long discussed file, because this regulation does not require withdrawal of solid combustible devices already functioning in many residences.

The City announces that the regulation has been favourably received by the entire population, that the majority of the interveners wishes however that, in a second stage, the Administration intervenes rapidly for all of the existing wood stoves on the territory of Montreal, and that one can nevertheless expect financial incentives to encourage the citizens in proceeding with these changes.

Residential heating with wood represents the principal source of small-particle emissions that contribute to the formation of winter-smog making up 47% of all emissions estimated in Quebec. «With more than 50 000 devices on the territory of the City, this regulation will contribute to the decrease of the number of premature deaths caused by the smoke which emanates from the burning of wood and to prevent additional deterioration of the air we breathe. “The health of Montrealers is a priority for the municipal administration", Mr DeSousa added to that. One expects an awareness campaign in conjunction with local administrations.

Here’s a resume of the regulation:

Interdiction to install a wood-burning heating device, exception being made for an appliance using granules, inside a new or existing building;

Allow the installation of a solid combustibles device for commercial use preparing foodstuffs in an established dwelling where commercial use of such a device is authorized;

Adoption of this regulation emanating from the central services will be enforced by the boroughs who will exercise their control at the time of emission of the permits.

For more information on heating with wood citizens are invited to go to the Website of the City of Montreal at .

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