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The City of Montreal intends to improve its residual matter management

The City of Montreal intends to improve its residual matter management

The City of Montreal intends well to improve its residual matter management and its intentions must be realized with the existence of its Master plan of management for 2010-2014.

This plan of the City of Montreal proposes 49 actions and 16 infrastructures to carry out the large building site necessary to the reach the objectives of the Quebec Policy of residual matter management 1998-2008. Moreover, all the municipalities of Quebec must respect the bill books of the Government of Quebec on this level.

To carry out this major challenge of the Master plan of the City which consists in decreasing the quantities of currently eliminated residual matter, several actions have been proposed and have already been started on the whole of the territory of the agglomeration, that is to say in certain boroughs and cities. The selective collection of recycable matter is now available for all the citizens of the agglomeration.

It is envisaged to carry out the collection higgledy-piggledy while adding to it new tools which will make it possible to increase the quantities of recovered matter which can be recycled.

One envisages an increase of the ecocentres which will pass from 6 to 14. These ecocentres make it possible to recover the residues of construction, of renovation and of residential demolition.

Citizens can obtain more information by visiting the Website of the City of Montreal.

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