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The Rental Board recommends a 0,6 % rent increase for the year 2009

The Rental Board recommends a 0,6 % rent increase for the year 2009

Yes, indeed! The Rental Board recommends the landlords to increase their rental rates by 0,6 % in 2009, if the apartment is heated by the tenant, and if no works have been carried out in the apartment or in the dwelling.

As far as apartments, electrically heated by the landlord, are concerned, the Rental Board thinks that the increase should be 0,8 % on average; for apartments heated with natural gas (1,8 %); and apartments heated with house fuel (5,1 %).

In case of major works, the Rental Board will show itself even less generous this year, by granting a meagre 3,33 $ per slice of 1 000 $ of works done, whereas last year, it had to give 3,58 $.

The Rental Board insists on stipulating that: « The Board wants to repeat that these average increases do not take into consideration the specific situation of each and every dwelling. In certain cases operating costs for a particular dwelling could justify a rental rate distinct from these estimations. »

The APQ has reacted to the Rental Board by suggesting to the landlords to introduce rent increases of 2 % to 7 % in 2009. It also puts at the service of the landlords its own calculation form which can be obtained by calling 1-888-382-9670; or by visiting the Website of the Association at . It is an Excel file which can be transferred to one’s own computer, a tool that may enable the landlord to set a rent increase that better reflects good management of his investments.

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