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Waste management is a municipal concern

Waste management is a municipal concern

In the interest of recycling and of waste reduction several municipalities amend their rules and address the issue in order to reduce the amount of waste.

The CMA of Pierre-De Saurel (Bas-Richelieu) has proceeded with the adoption of a new regulation regarding the management of waste. This new regulation directly affects owners of rental dwellings.

Currently, on the territory of this CMA, there are more than 130 apartment buildings representing some 1,700 units of occupation. Building owners must provide their properties with containers (waste baskets or containers) in sufficient quantity, and this for each class of materials. An accompanying service for owners will be offered by the CMA on the choice of containers, their numbers and their locations.

In Beaconsfield the municipality has initiated a pilot project to tax waste according to use: user-pays.
253 of the 6,500 homes of Beaconsfield participate in this pilot project. Each family received a bin with an electronic chip to allow the City to recognize the amount of waste produced.

The City of Gatineau began a revision of its Waste Management Plan. Because the provincial government wants to ban the landfilling of certain materials in the coming years the City organizes workshops to which managers and rental property owners are invited.

Waste management is a municipal responsibility, each owner will be affected differently. Follow the ads in your City and the changes in your tax bill.

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