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We know, we have often said it, but it is essential: Check all your candidates

Among the rights of owners, we find: pre-lease surveys.

Even if landlords do full pre-rental surveys, it still happens too often that some tenants manage to rent without real verifications being done.

We know that kindness and willingness to help can lead to a hasty rental but here are some cases that seemed trivial and that ultimately cost thousands of dollars in losses...
• A person who says he has no credit or history and will be endorsed by relatives: Maybe he has already been a tenant even if he says he did not have a home.
• A tenant who says that only he/she will be on the lease, so no need to verify the spouse: all tenants who will live there must be checked.
• The classic, a tenant who arrives in a luxurious car and dressed chic: No pass, no matter what he declares to have as a profession, we check!
• The tenant forgot to sign the rental offer: Too bad it will take a few more days but the tenant must sign it and be verified.

Vacancy rates are low and renters are desperate to find housing in a market where all tenants are looking for the same housing. Yes, the market is moving fast but you have to stop and take the time to check. Many landlords regret not checking because they would have found the reasons why the tenant is in such a hurry to sign the lease.

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