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Week of the Disabled Persons

Week of the Disabled Persons

The Week of the disabled will run from 1 to 7 June 2012. It aims to educate the entire population of Quebec to the importance of respecting differences in society, by making known the realities of disabled people, to foster their academic, professional and social.

The SHQ has two programs that can assist people with disabilities:

  • Home adaptation program that provides financial assistance for the execution of work to adapt the homes of persons with disabilities.
  • Housing allowance, which provides financial assistance for low-income households who spend too much of their budget on shelter.

More broadly, the SHQ involved in improving the living conditions of disabled people by enabling them to have access to adequate housing at an affordable price:

  • Home Adaptations for Seniors' Independence, which provides financial assistance to low-income persons aged 65 or older so they can make minor modifications to their homes to continue living independently and safely.
  • Low-income housing and rent supplement: SHQ is social housing available to low income households experiencing housing difficulties. Some of these units is adapted to the needs of disabled people.
  • AccèsLogis Quebec: SHQ financially supports the transformation and construction of community and private housing at affordable rents. Accommodation units following standards that promote universal access and integration of disabled people in their community.

Overall, the interventions of the SHQ have benefited more than 42,000 people with disabilities or with a slight loss of autonomy in 2010.

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