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Why criminal and civil inquiries, and at the Régie du logement?

 Why criminal and civil inquiries, and at the Régie du logement?

With the month of July approaching, we have seen a significant increase in the number of bad records while 27% of the audited tenants have civil or criminal records or at the Rental Board.

Remember that if you do only a simple credit investigation this information will escape you and you will increase your risk of ending up with an undesirable tenant.

The APQ not only informs you that a file exists at the Rental Board. As always, we go further to better support you, so that you will have the date of the decision, the apartment concerned and the amount of the decision in the case of non-payment of rent.

Similarly, if the APQ finds a criminal or civil record you will know the date, the address concerned and the offense committed.
It is important, before making an informed choice, to know the nature of the offense. Your decision will perhaps not be the same if your tenant has been in breach of the traffic code at one time or if he was arrested for armed assault.

With almost 30 years of expertise, we have seen many candidates with records (for instance “child abduction”) and whose owners would never have thought that of their tenant.

Beware of appearances and choose serenity!

Try our 360° investigations and you will see that you too will be amazed by the previous history of your tenants.

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