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You are doing renovations? Have you applied for a permit?

You are doing renovations? Have you applied for a permit?

During renovations, municipalities grant licenses.
One must present oneself at the appropriate office of the City with the plans, if any, explain the project, give the name of the contractors, pay an amount based upon the cost of the works and you will leave with a permit to display in your place of renovation.

For lack of time, you may decide not to apply for a permit.

Not asking for a permit may have dire consequences:
- Stopping of the works;
- Plan to provide;
- Fines.

And often an inspector will arrive one morning on the site without warning.
The main reason for this unexpected visit is denunciation but also a complaint.

In some cases it is even your tenant who has complained: he found that the works were lasting too long, he is losing the quiet enjoyment of the premises, there is too much noise, dust...
And the same tenant is suing you for a rent reduction for disturbance of quiet enjoyment of the premises.

Taking a chance unfortunately is not an option when you are the owner of rental housing:
suspension of the work means delay and prolonged disturbance of your tenants’ peaceful enjoyment of the premises!

And especially, do not forget to discuss with your tenants the major work done and send them the notice required by law in a timely manner. Warning them will make them more understanding and therefore will help you to avoid conflicts!

When the tenant does not cooperate with the maintenance work

The parking space in your building has outlived its lifetime and the asphalt must be redone. You must apply a coat of sealer to the asphalt or even redo the parking lines. You must notify therefore your tenants to organize the site.
You have taken the time to send a notice to each tenant and to make sure that they are aware that they must evacuate the parking space. You even posted a notice at the entrance and exit of the building.

We are June the 15th at 7 a.m. and you are with the asphalt company ready to begin the work that will cost you several thousands of dollars. But a car remained on the parking lot. You go to the tenant and he refuses to move his car, because he does not know where to go and slams the door in your face. What are your options?

Even if you have a lot of frustration, you will have no other choice but to postpone the work to another date. You cannot have the vehicle towed. This time, in addition to notifying the tenants not to park, a notice will be sent to the recalcitrant tenant to inform him that, if he does not collaborate next time, he will be responsible for paying the additional costs related to the travel expenses of the company and proceedings may be brought against him.

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