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2023 rent increase: Don’t wait until March to send them!

2023 rent increase: Don’t wait until March to send them!

As the APQ has often repeated this autumn, 2023 will be the year not to be missed for rent increase rates. And this is not an over-statement!  
Indeed, with a 9-month estimate of 2023 rates to come, it will be a year with an increase in high rates. 

Poste de dépenses (Estimé sur 9 mois) Taux TAL 2023 Taux 2022
Électricité 2.1% 0,9%
Gaz 23.8% 7,6%
Mazout 37.6% 17,5%
Entretien 4.6% 1,6%
Services 4.0% 3,1%
Gestion 3.0% 2,7%
Revenu net annuel 1.5% 1,4%
Réparations et travaux majeurs relatifs à tout l'immeuble 3.6% 2,0%

It is doubly important in 2023 that you take into account all your major work done in 2022.  
Remember that work done in 2022 can only be claimed in 2023, otherwise it will be lost! 

Also, these rates do not take into account the increases in insurance and municipal tax bills that you will receive shortly.  
For instance, Québec City has already announced its intention to increase taxes by 2.5% in 2023. (1) 
The City of Gatineau is considering an increase of 2.9%. (2) 

 The Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) will once again hold its APQ rent-setting clinic and will help you make your increase calculations. 



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