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A new government : Over the years governments change but the owners remain!

A new government : Over the years governments change but the owners remain!

With the election of a new government we must think about reviewing our approaches in order to prepare the elements of reflection that will guide and inform the decisions of our elected officials.

This new team is invested at an important moment when the owners are facing major concerns regarding the maintenance of buildings. Renovation costs have experienced significant increases while rents are not keeping pace. Irretrievably this divergence leads to differences that become increasingly difficult to resolve.

We must well understand that this situation which seems, at first glance, to be the sole issue of property owners, makes it a phenomenon that affects our entire society.

We must question ourselves on the limits imposed upon the residential rental market. The low number of rental units that have been built in recent years allows us to see quickly that the interest of investors for this type of investment is relatively low when compared with the projects of dwellings in co-ownership that have reached new heights.

The balance between rental price control and the costs related to the building is broken. Tenants and owners are affected by this situation which could turn sour rapidly if nothing changes.

As an owner it is important to deliver to our customers, the tenants, a housing in good condition and to maintain the quality of the services provided.

However, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain this quality in the current context.

We are aware that for our clientele the situation is not easy either, but we are getting to the point of truth. At this time, when as a society we must choose between limiting the market and continue with bureaucratic restrictions or find a healthy competition, free of constraints.

Supply and demand have proven their value, a balance is realized through this powerful movement between the asking price and the price that the market is willing to pay. If I rent too expensive my housing will be empty. If prices rise new buildings will be constructed and we can again find a dynamic market stimulated only by adequate rules, i.e. those of the market.

About the author

Martin A. Messier

Me Martin A. Messier a fait ses études au Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf avant de continuer ses études en droit à l'Université de Montréal. Il est membre du Barreau du Québec depuis 1992, et œuvre auprès des propriétaires de logements locatifs depuis 1993.

Il est entre autres président de l'Association des propriétaires du Québec, propriétaire d'une compagnie de gestion immobilière. Il est fréquemment invité comme conférencier dans le cadre de conférences et de séminaires juridiques et de gestion portant sur le louage immobilier.

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