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Suite au communiqué au presse de l'APQ d'hier "Enquête SCHL - Printemps 2015 : Taux d'inoccupation en hausse, hausse des locataires à problèmes, les propriétaires doivent être prudents!"

According to the Rental Market  Survey conducted in the spring  by Canada  Mortgage  and  Housing  Corporation  (CMHC),  the  average  vacancy  rate  of  private buildings with  three  units and over stood at 3.5  per  cent in April in urban centres (10,000  or more ) of Quebec. The  change in the nominal rate compared  to  that recorded in the spring of 2014 (+0.6 percentage point) was statistically significant.

"The rise of the Quebec vacancy rate in the spring of 2015 occurred in the context where supply is  increasing and where demand is passing through a phase of decrease. On the supply side, the  stock  of  apartments  (purpose  built  rental  or  condominium)  has  been  indeed  on  the  rise, while demand has been weaker as a result of less robust labour markets and decreasing net migration," explains Kevin Hughes, Regional Economist at CMHC for Quebec.

The Québec Census Metropolitan Area (CMA)  recorded the lowest vacancy rate (3.2 per cent), however  it  is  now  comparable  with  those  of  the  Montréal  and  Trois-Rivières  areas.  The Gatineau  CMA  posted  the  highest rate (6.2 per cent).  With  respect  to  other  urban  areas,  the survey  reported  an  increased  rate  in  agglomerations  with  10,000  to  49,999  inhabitants  and stability in agglomerations with 50,000 to 99,999 inhabitants.

The average rent for two bedroom  apartments was $714. At the CMA level,  it ranged  between $571  and  $777.  In  other  urban  areas,  it  was  in  the  lower  part  of  this  range.  The  estimated change in the average rent for the entire province stood at 1.9 per cent in April 2015. 


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