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How to fill out well a request for non-payment of rent?

How to fill out well a request for non-payment of rent?

It is quite important to correctly fill out an application for non-payment of rent to avoid having to undergo an adjournment for a hearing or having to write an additional procedure to correct the error.

In this article we will give you tips on completing the application. Naturally, these tips can not replace review by a lawyer of your request, which we will gladly do if you should wish so.

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About the author

Me Jean-Olivier Reed, avocat

Me Jean-Olivier Reed graduated from Collège l'Assomption in legal technology in 1997 and then from the University of Montreal in law in 2001. Member of the bar since 2004, he was a lawyer and building manager from 2004 to 2006.

Lawyer with Messier Soucy lawyers since 2006. He works in real estate law and more particularly in rental law and co-ownership law.

He has written several articles in the newspaper "Le Propriétaire" on various topics dealing with rental law.
He lectures to members of the Quebec Landlords Association on current topics in rental law.

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