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It is possible to build ‘green’ dwellings at low cost

It is possible to build ‘green’ dwellings at low cost

It is possible to build green dwellings at low cost. That is at least the opinion of the Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) which will hold a National Summit of the Green Building at the Montreal Palais des Congrès, from the 9th to the 11th of June 2009, on the topic: “All Buildings can be Green”.

At this Summit, various speakers from the sector of residential construction will be challenged in order to discover the many opportunities which are offered to them in order to promote the construction of houses respecting the practices of durable construction.

It will be a meeting which will allow a synergy between several experts from the sectors of finance, insurance, and construction. They will seek programmes and solutions which can be applied to residential construction.

“That one speaks about LEED Canada (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, Canada) for dwellings, Novoclimat (Quebec’s Energy Efficiency Agency) and financing for green buildings, these meetings will touch the potential of the many programmes and will show that it is possible to build or renovate according to the standard of LEED Canada for the dwellings without incurring excessive costs in order to encourage the consumers to invest there”, says the Canada Green Building Council.

While adding to it: “Residential construction is more than ever a critical sector within the framework of environmental protection whereas it is noted that it will be necessary, to reach a reduction of the greenhouse gas emissions of 50 megatons per year before 2015, to improve, inter alia, the ecological performance of one million residential dwellings in Canada.”

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