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Real-estate is always a good opportunity

Real-estate is always a good opportunity

In Canada and even more so in Quebec, real-estate has not known the problems experienced by our neighbours in the South, and this sector of investment always provides good opportunities. Real-estate for residential renting goes well, the values continue to increase in particular in the Greater Montreal Region.

It is still a good time to invest in real-estate, in residential dwellings. It has been proven for a long time that this sector of economic activity can be a good investment, if one thinks in the long run.

People are sometimes afraid to invest in multi-dwellings because they will have to deal with tenants, having heard from acquaintances or members of their family, stories and experiences a little less interesting. It is not a question of passive investment, as with the Stock Exchange. It is necessary to interact with customers, our tenants whom one will have taken time to choose well.

The APQ invites you to involve yourself in real-estate by taking the time to make good purchases and if it is your first experience, do not hesitate to get involved in it. Join an Association of Landlords with experience, which exists since 1984 in Quebec, a well-oiled organization which can help you to make your investment profitable. Residential real-estate is still very interesting and even more profitable in the long run than many other placements, but it is necessary to be ready to treat your tenants for what they are, i.e. important customers. If you are well-informed while becoming member of the APQ, while benefiting from free training sessions, legal council, credit checks of future tenants, continuous information in our monthly newspaper Le Propriétaire and on our Websites, the columns of our lawyers specialized in rental law, you put all the chances on your side.

Do certainly not hesitate to invest in real-estate, even if you do not have any experience in the field. Prepare however to follow your business closely and we are there as Association to support you in your new investments.

It is not suggested to invest in real-estate as one could do in other ventures. One must interact with tenants, our customers, with laws constraining to the owners, in particular in Quebec. But, if you succeed in managing well the human aspect of residential real-estate (your tenants), you will be proud to have invested your money in a branch of industry which always makes it possible to live better economically, and to envisage a more interesting retirement. Also, it is never too late to get involved there!

About the author

Martin A. Messier

Me Martin A. Messier a fait ses études au Collège Jean-de-Brébeuf avant de continuer ses études en droit à l'Université de Montréal. Il est membre du Barreau du Québec depuis 1992, et œuvre auprès des propriétaires de logements locatifs depuis 1993.

Il est entre autres président de l'Association des propriétaires du Québec, propriétaire d'une compagnie de gestion immobilière. Il est fréquemment invité comme conférencier dans le cadre de conférences et de séminaires juridiques et de gestion portant sur le louage immobilier.

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