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The City of Hampstead: Another new administrative procedure imposed on rental housing owners

The City of Hampstead: Another new administrative procedure imposed on rental housing owners

Since October 6, 2022, any rental housing owner holding a dwelling in the City of Hampstead who wants to renovate and therefore requires the departure of a tenant must provide proof that the tenant has accepted this renovation work.

“11. The landlord must provide written proof that the tenant(s) affected by the renovation of their dwelling have agreed, in writing, to be temporarily relocated or to voluntarily leave their dwelling.”
(1004-5, art. 1, al. b, 6/10/2022)

Just like the draft by-law of the City of Montreal “Responsible owner certification,” the imposition of a new administrative burden is nonsense according to the Association des Propriétaires du Québec.
There are already many mechanisms in place to protect the tenants.

All cities say they want to protect tenants from the “renoviction” phenomenon, but notwithstanding a few cases in the media, there are no official figures that demonstrate this phenomenon has become a social problem.
Yes, there are rental housing owners who will renovate and empty their houses for the wrong reasons. BUT there are also many tenants who will destroy the property of others, ransack, or even poorly maintain a dwelling to the point of making it unhealthy and unclean.

Will cities also protect good landlords from bad tenants?
The question of the APQ to the cities is: When will you support landlords in the face of tenant abuse as you wish and put in place regulations to “protect” the landlords?

Rental housing owners pay municipal taxes and are citizens who provide shelter for millions of tenants. A protective equilibrium on both sides must be established!




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