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Warning: Pro-tenant e-mails sent to landlords

Warning: Pro-tenant e-mails sent to landlords

Several landlords told us that they had received e-mails advocating for tenants’ rights.

First of all, we advise you not to take the content of these e-mails for granted. You also have rights.
Instead, we advise you to contact us, so that our legal counsel can answer your questions and give you the right legal answer.

The Association des Propriétaires du Québec (APQ) condemns this type of e-mails, which implies that all rental housing owners abuse their rights. Yes, tenants have rights but landlords have rights too!
What different cities and organizations tend to forget is that: Several cities will create complete webpages dedicated to helping tenants, but none of these exist on landlords’ rights and the tenants’ obligation to pay their rent.
Here are 2 webpages that clearly demonstrate which side municipalities are looking at (whereas they should be impartial).
The City of Montreal publishes the two following pages:
• Eviction
• Tenants’ rights: what you need to know.

It is together that we will be able to change the regulations, but certainly not with organizations that want to dictate your rights.

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