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Winter and the snow-clearing duties of the landlords

Winter and the snow-clearing duties of the landlords

With the change of seasons and the increasing recurrent damage to buildings, it is important to remember that we have obligations as a rental housing owner.

These duties will vary depending on the specific circumstances of your building and particularly according to the conditions set out in the lease regarding snow removal. It is important to fill out this section by making sure to indicate who is responsible for snow removal.

However, for many buildings this will not be possible and the owner will have to take care of the removal of the snow himself.

A landlord thinks they can relieve themselves of the obligation by simply putting a shovel and a bin full of sand and asking their tenant to do this task themselves.

This approach involves risks and we recommend that you ensure that these tasks are performed by a snow removal company that has the equipment and skills required to perform the task properly.

It is also recommended that you ensure that your contracts include snow removal with the time slots during which the snow will be removed, where it will be placed, and that you agree on the arrangements for the removal of vehicles to allow for snow removal.

It is also important to make sure your contract includes a provision for the automatic addition of melting salt as soon as weather and ground conditions require it to prevent accidents and falls.

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